LGBT+ Safe Space Symbols and Flags

Symbols and Flags

Human Rights Campaign Equality rectangular flag that is blue with two yellow rectangles in center

Human Rights Campaign -        This campaign works towards equality regardless of sex or gender identity.

Equality Florida teal blue and light green symbol

Equality Florida - The largest civil
rights organization in Florida. Their mission is full equality for LGBTQ residents.

Lambda black and light purple symbol

Lambda -
The lambda is an international symbol for gay
and lesbian rights.

Labrys black double hatchet symbol

Labrys -
The labrys is a lesbian and feminist symbol.

Upside down pink triangle symbol

Pink Triangle - Originally a Nazi symbol denoting a homosexual, the gay community appropriated the symbol in solidarity.

Red Ribbon twisted in front symbol

Red Ribbon -
The red ribbon designates concern for individuals
with AIDS or a
HIV-related disease.

Black background with purple and pink circles with crosses at bottom of circles symbol

Relationships Between Females

Black background with purple and pink circles with arrows  at top of circles symbol

Relationships Between Males

Three magenta and purple circles interwined together with cross and circle bottom and arrow on circle top symbol

Relationship May Be with Male or Female

LGBT+ Pride rectangular flag that rainbow colored single stripes

LGBT+ Pride -    The colors of the flag represent the diversity of the LGBT+ community.

Bear Inclusion flag with black paw print in upper right corner and multi horizontal single stripe of brown, tan, yellow, beige, white, gray and black colors.

Bear Flag -
Designed to represent the bear subculture of the LGBT+ community, the flag includes international fur colors and is a masculine symbol.

Non-binary rectangular flag that has a single yellow, white, purple and black stripe.

Non-Binary Flag - The non-binary flag is for those individuals that identity other
than male or female.

Trans rectangular flag that has a light blue, pink, white, pink, and another light blue single color stripe

Trans* Flag -
The trans* flag is a symbol for individuals whose gender identity is different than the sex assigned at their birth.

Equity and Diversity/Title IX, 8.1.19.


Barbara Coleman-Foster
Associate Vice President, Equity and Diversity/Title IX Coordinator