LGBT+ Safe Space

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Seminole State’s vision for LGBT+ Safe Space Training is to equip employees with the skills to provide resources to members and supporters of the LGBT+ community. That includes students, fellow employees, parents of students, and visitors to the College. Those skills are developed from communication on national best practices and informed by the experiences here in the College community.

Since the mission is to train employees to serve students with appropriate resources, this program was established as discussing resources in face-to-face training. Recent circumstances prompted the College to move the training online. At this time, both formats are available to best meet employees' schedules and needs.  The most recent updates on this website are located under the Resources webpage. Both College and community support systems are listed.

Seminole State welcomes you to explore the symbols of pride that might be presented to you in your work at the College, seek answers to questions, and tap into the services provided at the College and in Seminole County and surrounding areas in order to help students, employees and other individuals.

Equity and Diversity/Title IX, 8.1.19, 5.10.20, updated 7.23.21


Barbara Coleman-Foster
Associate Vice President, Equity and Diversity/Title IX Coordinator