Strategic Plan for Diversity and Inclusion, 2021-22


Act as a catalyst for programs supporting Seminole State College’s core value of respect: fostering a campus culture clearly demonstrating the belief that individual differences enhance the educational and workforce experience as well as the College’s leadership role in the community.


  1. National, state, and local leadership in high-quality programs enhancing diversity and inclusion at the College.
  2. Training and education programs representing the College’s core value of respect, with emphasis on diversity and inclusion as an element of every College action.
  3. Well-defined priority populations within “diversity and inclusion” programs:
college students
Individuals with disabilities or
temporary impairments
Veterans and members
of the military
Age in relation to context
(emphasis on non-traditional age for program)
Members of five racial/ethnic groups as defined in federal standards.Individual who identify or express themselves as members of the LGBT+ community
Married, single, widowed, divorced, separated individuals, including those with opposite-sex or same-sex partners.Individuals with experiences outside the United States or seeking global experiencesCaregivers such as parents with minor children and individuals caring for aging family members
Members of various religions; practitioners of various spiritual beliefsFamily income classified as "Pell-eligible" on federal standardsMen, women, and individuals expressing non-binary identities 


  • Communicate College commitment to students, employees, and community.
  • Design and produce online and face-to-face training for students and employees.
  • Publish online resources for independent reference.
  • Periodically report progress on this strategic plan to Executive Team.
  • Review policies, procedures, and practices, updating as needed.
  • Maintain partnerships with Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Disability Support Services, and others to promote exchanges of information and programming.

Measures of effectiveness, from Strategic Planning On Line system (“SPOL”) entries:

  • Collaboration includes all areas of the College.
  • Record of annual training supports communication goal.

Equity and Diversity/Title IX, 7.18.18, 8.14.20, 7.21.21


Barbara Coleman-Foster
Associate Vice President, Equity and Diversity/Title IX Coordinator