Introducing the Fundamentals of Writing I and II Revision Tool!

The Fundamentals of Writing I and II Revision Tool, accessed through Sakai, helps students edit written work. Students can submit drafts of their writing assignments, and within 24-48 hours (Monday-Friday), the draft will be returned with errors marked on each line of the text. Sakai, Seminole State's course management system, offers a key to the errors. Each number corresponds to full explanations of the grammar mistake.

In addition, students can take the Fundamentals of Writing I practice quizzes online. Sakai will grade the quiz and provide specific grammar feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of editing assistance does the Revision Tool provide?

The Revision Tool marks each line of the writing assignment for errors. The errors are keyed 1-10, so your writing assignment has numbers in the margin. Each of those numbers signifies a specific writing error. You can use the Key to Identifying and Correcting Writing Errors to discover what kind of mistakes you made and learn how to fix them.

How do I access the Revision Tool?

The Revision Tool is accessed through Sakai.

What is my Sakai login ID?

Your login ID for Sakai is the same user name that you created for MySeminoleState; however, all Sakai IDs must be entered in lowercase. Sakai is case sensitive.

For students to have access to Sakai, they must have a MySeminoleState user name in the system.

What is my Sakai password?

Your password is auto-generated and is reset to the default each semester. Your password is your first and last initial, followed by the six digits of your birth date in the yymmdd format, where "yy" is the two digit year (don't use the 19 in the 19yy format), "mm" is the two digit month (Jan.-Sept. months must use a leading 0), and "dd" is the two digit day (1-9 must use a leading 0). Make sure that there are no spaces between the items and the letters are lowercase. Example: If your name is John Doe and you were born on March 1, 1977, your password would be jd770301.

How do I get started?

Once you have logged into Sakai and selected the Revision Tool from the list of courses on the left, click the "Options Buffet." You will find directions for submitting a draft, playing games and taking practice quizzes. You will then send the draft by dropbox through your Sakai account, and it will be returned to you through that same dropbox within Sakai.

How often can I use the tool?

You may submit a draft as many times as you like. The tool will not identify every mistake, especially the first time through. After you edit your draft, you can send it through again to see if you edited your mistakes correctly. It takes 24-48 hours (Monday-Friday) to get a draft back. The tool does not guarantee error-proof writing. Only your instructor can fully evaluate your writing according to class instructions.

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