Patient Management Lab Sheets

The documents below are in Microsoft Word format and are available to download and print.

Lab Sheet  #NameFormat
DOT 4-4.80Management of a Thermal Burn Patient .doc
DOT 4-4.81Management of an Inhalation Burn Patient .doc
DOT 4-4.82 Management of a Chemical Burn Patient .doc
DOT 4-4.83 Management of an Electrical Burn Patient .doc
DOT 4-4.84 Management of a Radiation Exposure Patient .doc
DOT 5-1.14 Patients with Pulmonary Diseases and Conditions .doc
DOT 5-3.77, 78, 79 Coma or Altered Mental Status .doc
DOT 5-3.82, 83 Patients with Seizures .doc
DOT 5-3.86 Patients Complaining of Weakness .doc
DOT 5-12.23 Demonstrate Safe Techniques for Managing and
Restraining a Violent Patient
DOT 6-4.25, 26 Abused or Sexually Assaulted Patients .doc
DOT 7-1.19dd Managing Behavioral Emergencies .doc


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