Paramedic Enrollment Procedures

Students must register for each group of classes in sequence. Students may not register for any class without prior approval of the Program Manager for Fire Science/EMS.

Students seeking admission to the Paramedic program must first apply to the College. Upon successful completion of admission criteria, the Emergency Medical Services application should be filed with the Fire Science and Emergency Medical Services Office. Applicants should meet with a counselor to discuss admission requirements, CPT testing, program planning, and long-range goals. The Counseling Department is located in Building A.

An applicant must have earned a minimum of 2.0 cumulative grade point average to be considered for admission to the Paramedic Program. Applicants who are currently employed by a fire department in Seminole County will be allowed first opportunity to enroll in the paramedic program. All other applicants will fill the remaining positions in the class based on their application date and eligibility.

The Paramedic certificate and degree include co-requisite requirements. Failure to successfully complete any of the co-requisite courses will result in the student being withdrawn from all co-requisite courses (EMS). Upon return or acceptance into the EMS Program the student must reregister into all co-requisite courses. If a student receives a failing grade for any EMS course they will subsequently receive a withdrawal (W) for the co-requisite requirements. A minimum grade of C (80 %) must be earned in all EMS courses to meet program and graduation requirements.

For more information contact the Fire Science /EMS office at 407.708.2200.


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