Our Mission

In today's world, we have to continue learning in order to grow personally, professionally and economically and to keep up with advancements in our area of expertise.

The question is how we can accomplish this with our busy schedules. Adult learners are seeking an alternative that will accommodate their daily routines.

Seminole State's distance learning classes are offered outside the formal classroom. These courses combine independent study with guided instruction. Technology and instructors work together to provide a delivery system that meets high academic standards while ensuring the flexibility to meet each student's individual needs.

The eLearning Department at Seminole State College is committed to offering technologically-mediated teaching and learning opportunities for faculty and students. New learning technologies are producing environments in which learners are removed in time, place and pace from the source of instruction. We are here to provide support for students and educators so they can fully participate in these new and exciting ways of teaching and learning.

Our Vision

The eLearning Department at Seminole State College will prepare students for a world in which information and economic environments are becoming globalized. Through technologically enhanced teaching-learning opportunities, Seminole State will reach out to a community of learners by creating an environment that students will find to be:

  • Caring and personalized
  • Learner-centered
  • Respectful of individuality
  • Accessible and convenient
  • Responsive to their needs
  • Accommodating of their schedules
  • Interactive among students, faculty and staff
  • Academically stimulating and challenging
  • Replicating the same high quality for education and support services as in the traditional on-campus environment

Our Primary Goals

  • To provide instructional design and development support for the creation of new academic courses and programs and for the redesign or enhancement of existing ones.
  • To provide technical support for the design and development of teaching materials that integrate instructional media, computer technology and developing technologies.
  • To provide student and faculty support to assist departments in reaching and retaining distance learners.
  • To investigate, evaluate, acquire and promote emerging technologies and resources to support the enhancement of the teaching and delivery of distance learning courses.
  • To promote excellence and innovation in teaching and learning through specialized training and consulting and through the dissemination of information about distance learning and its technologies.
  • To assist departments, faculty and staff in their efforts to improve teaching effectiveness.
  • To assist students in their effort to receive education in non-traditional ways.

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