Dual Enrollment

Note: Seminole State dual enrollment students must attend high school in Seminole County.

The Dual Enrollment Office now is accepting applications for the Fall 2016 term.

Fall Term registration begins on Tuesday, June 21.

  • New Students: Please see your high school guidance counselor for an application packet.
  • Returning Students: Please pick up an 868 book voucher and registration form from your high school guidance counselor.
  • Home/Private School Students: Please pick up an application packet from your guidance or administrators office, or email us, and we will send a packet to you. Returning home/private school students will need a signed 869 and registration form.

    The Dual Enrollment Program allows students to pursue an advanced curriculum that is relevant to their individual postsecondary major of interest. Students can earn credit toward high school completion, a career certificate or an associate or baccalaureate degree at a Florida public institution.

    Through this program, students can experience the challenge of college-level courses while they are still in high school. Seminole State offers three dual enrollment paths, including the:

    • General Education Path: Fulfills general education courses toward an Associate in Arts (A.A.) or Associate in Science (A.S.) degree. An unweighted GPA of 3.0 is required for this program.
    • Career Path: Fulfills credit toward an A.S. degree in select programs. Current programs include Criminal Justice, Automotive Service Technology, Building Construction Technology and Business Administration. An unweighted GPA of 2.5 is required for this program.
    • Vocational Path: Fulfills vocational credit toward construction/electrical apprenticeships (electrical and fire sprinkler certificates only); allows secondary students to earn credit toward their high school education as well as postsecondary credit toward a college degree.

    For the academic and career paths, students must provide official (sealed, unopened, electronic) ACT, SAT, CPT or PERT scores for college-placement purposes. Students who are enrolled in the vocational path will be required to take the Test of Adult Basic Education.

    Submit all completed documents to:

    Seminole State College
    Admissions Office
    Sanford/Lake Mary Campus
    100 Weldon Blvd.
    Sanford, FL 32773

    Tuition and lab fees are free for all high school students. Textbooks are free for all public high school students in Seminole County, and free transportation is provided for students in a career or vocational program who attend a Seminole County public high school. Prospective dual enrollment students must complete the 10th grade and have permission from their high school.


    To request more information about Seminole State's Dual Enrollment Program, as well as other educational opportunities, please email dualenrollment@seminolestate.edu or contact Yvonne Halaiski at 407.708.2762.

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