Getting Started with Disability Support Services

I'm new to Disability Support Services. What do I need to know?

  • Each semester, you will need to determine which courses to take. A counselor/advisor can help with this, or you can obtain an educational plan online.
  • You must request disability accommodations each semester. We encourage you to attend the class at least once to determine which accommodations may be needed (e.g., note takers, tape recorder, extended test time). Come to DSS to get your professor letters for classes you plan to attend in-person (two copies for each class) and bring them to your professors to sign. DSS will email accommodation letters for any online classes for which you have requested accommodations. This is a good way to start a conversation with your professor about how he/she can help you do your best. Leave the signed professor copy with the professor and bring the other signed copy back to DSS.
  • If you are approved to receive assistance from notetakers, come to DSS to get a notetaker memorandum packet for each course in which you need a notetaker. Give the notetaker memorandum packet to your professor just before class so your professor can read the notice to the class to recruit possible notetakers.
  • If you require audio recordings of books or passages: Purchase the textbooks you want to request, and bring them to DSS as soon as possible. Creating an audio recording is a time-consuming process, and if you wait until after classes start to request your audio book, you will not have the CDs at the beginning of the semester.
  • If you use a wheelchair, please contact the DSS office as soon as possible if you need an adjustable table or some other modification.
  • If you use extended time for tests, you usually will take those tests in Make-Up Testing. It is important to remind your professor to send each test to Make-Up Testing. You also must make an appointment online for each test. Instructions for setting up an appointment also are available online.
  • You are expected to take your tests on the same day the rest of your class takes it, unless you have approval from the professor to take the test on a different day.
  • If you are using notetakers or tutors, be sure to check with DSS regularly in the first weeks of the semester to make sure that your accommodations are set up properly.
  • If you have problems during the semester, see the staff at DSS immediately. We are here to help, but can only do so if we know about the issue!
  • At the end of the semester, be sure to return any items you have checked out from DSS. If you do not return the items, a hold will be placed on your Seminole State College record.
  • Note: Your approved academic accommodations are valid for Seminole State College classes and exams only. If your degree requires an outside the college certification exam or license examination such as GED or NCLEX, you will need to follow their specific procedure to request accommodations for their examination for that particular examination with the governing agency.

Important DSS phone numbers

  • DSS Altamonte Springs Campus – 407.404.6005
  • DSS Heathrow Campus – 407.708.4440
  • DSS Oviedo Campus – 407.971.5114
  • DSS Sanford/Lake Mary Campus – 407.708.2110


General Information