Computer Aided Design

CAD I is an introduction to computer aided design/drafting using AutoCAD. It is geared toward the individual who is using CAD in productive design and drafting applications. The proper use of the current 2-D commands and drawing concepts are emphasized in this course with a brief introduction to 3-D design. Upon completion of this course, the individual will be able to develop their designs using the CAD system.

In addition to the prerequisites described in the catalog, familiarity with the MS-DOS operating system and use of the keyboard is highly recommended.

CAD II is designed for the advanced user or the cad manager. Advanced features; 3 dimensional drafting, solids modeling, file manipulation, attribute extraction, redefining the commands, customizing menus, script files, and an introduction to AutoLISP programming are included in this course. Upon completion of this course, the individual will be able to begin customizing and automating CAD operations for increased productivity.

The prerequisite for this course is CAD I.

A working knowledge of the MS-DOS operating system is strongly suggested for this course.

CAD III is a programming course for those in any technical design field. There is very little drawing in this course. It is learning to program the computer and AutoCAD for the purpose of increasing productivity and making the design process easier. AutoCAD and Visual Basic are the programs used for this course.

3D Studio Max the study of three-dimensional graphics, which includes photo realistic imaging and computer animation.

Advanced 3D Studio Max is an advanced study of 3D Studio Max.

Computer Aided Design for Interior Designers is similar to CAD I but is targeted specifically to the field and issues of Interior Design.


Cheryl Knodel
Program Manager