Task Integration Management (TIM) System

  • Log into the TIM System with your MySeminoleState user name and password.
  • The system will open in a new window. If you have a pop-up blocker installed, you may need to change your settings to allow pop ups from www.seminolestate.edu to be able to log in.
  • To get started, you will need to select your purpose from the What would you like do today? menu (i.e. place a catering order, place a work order with publications, order business cards, etc.).
  • After selecting the appropriate option from the menu, enter the required information and submit the task.

My Preferences

The TIM System allows users to set personal preferences for the following areas:

  • Receive E-mail Notifications: This option allows users to receive automatic e-mail updates as their request moves through the system to completion.
  • Default Project Filter: This option allows users to set the default search criteria for the My Requests section. Example: To view requests that have been completed, check the box labeled Completed.
  • Default My Jobs Filter: This option allows users to set the default search criteria to show the jobs that need to be completed. Not all users will have access to this function.


The following icons are used in the system:

 EditEdit or View Request: Click this icon to review or make changes to your request.
CancelCancel Request: This option allows you to delete a saved request prior to submitting it to your department budget manager or the appropriate service provider.
Submit for ApprovalSubmit for Approval: Clicking this icon will submit your request to your department budget manager or the appropriate service provider.
RetrackRetract Approval: This option allows you to retract a submitted request prior to its approval by your department budget manager. Once a request has been approved, it cannot be retracted or canceled.

Request Approvals

Many TIM requests require the approval of your department budget manager before work can begin. Therefore, you must submit each service request for approval by selecting the Submit for Approval icon (Submit for Approval).

If you wish to make changes to your request after it has been submitted to your department budget manager, you must retract it. The request can be retracted by selecting the Retract Approval icon (Retrack Approval). Upon submission, your department budget manager will receive an e-mail notification of the retraction.

In most cases, your job will not be initiated until it has been approved by your department budget manager; however, jobs that do not require a fee (media services, maintenance, room reservations, etc.) will begin immediately.

Requests that have already been approved by your department budget manager or submitted directly to the service provider cannot be retracted. In this case, you must contact the appropriate service provider directly to cancel the job.

My Requests

Select My Requests to view all of your saved and submitted requests, along with the status of each. You may visit this area at any time to review the progress of your request. The requests displayed in My Requests are determined by your Default Project Filter(Review the My Preferences section above.). You can temporarily change the filter settings by clicking Show/Hide Search Criteria.

My Projects and Events

Use the My Projects and Events function when planning a major project or event that will require multiple service requests. This section allows you to group all related requests (i.e. catering, communications, publications, etc.) under one umbrella. When you select My Projects and Events, you will be able to quickly view each request and its status.


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Fax: 407.708.2161