PeopleSoft and MySeminoleState

To access Seminole State College's network resources, employees are required to use a login name and password for each system, including GroupWise e-mail, PeopleSoft (MySeminoleState) and the network itself.

User Access

To obtain a network login name and access to these systems, employees are required to complete a User Access Request Form and have it signed by their supervisor. Request forms will not be processed without the employee's ID number, and incomplete forms will be returned to the contact person listed on the form.

Service Request

For requests other than user access, employees should use the Service Request Form, which can be used to request:

  • PC software installation or hardware repair
  • PeopleSoft reports or programs
  • Scan-and-grade bubble sheets (accompanied by a bubble scan cover sheet)

Access and service requests are entered into a tracking system to:

  • Provide a physical trail of all requests for services
  • Help the CTS Department develop work schedules for its teams
  • Allow users to verify the status of their requests
  • Ensure that the services provided by CTS are equitably distributed among the areas of the College

Telecommunications Access

Supervisors are responsible for requesting and approving a long-distance authorization code for their employees.


Fax: 407.708.2161