Advanced Training

Advanced and specialized classes are available for certified Law Enforcement, Corrections and Correctional Probation officers in the state of Florida. The Criminal Justice Institute offers advanced and specialized courses to maintain officer's mandatory retraining requirements. Most of our advanced and specialized classes are free under the FDLE Trust Fund Budget, but we give seat priority to officers of the Seminole County region.

For more information on state-offered online courses, visit the FDLE Mandatory Retraining Information Page.

How Do I Register?

To register, contact your training supervisor. You may also contact Seminole State by calling 407.708.2187 or emailing  Teresa Rollins

To register for any advanced or specialized training classes, agencies must fax or email a completed Training Authorization/Registration Form. Forms can be faxed to 407.322.1309, but email is preferred.

Note: as of April 4, 2013, we no longer require a training registration form and a college registration form. Both forms have been combined. 

Comments, Suggestions and Feedback

We would like to hear from you. Contact us and share your ideas on what other advanced and specialized training courses you would like to see offered in the future. All comments and suggestions are welcome. For more information regarding advanced and specialized training, call 407.708.2333, or email Terrell Hendrix.

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