Computer Programming and Analysis Technical Certificate

The following courses are required for the Computer Programming Technical Certificate. For information on electives, please refer to the curriculum.

Major Courses:

ACG 2021C - Principles of Financial Accounting
Principles of Financial Accounting to the theory and procedures of preparing financial statements. Accounting for partnerships and corporations is introduced. This is a hands-on course. Lab fee required.

CGS 1062C - Advanced Microcomputer Software
Prerequisite: CGS 2100C - Microcomputer Software Packages

This course allows students to work with a variety of software application packages using Microsoft Office and Microsoft FrontPage. These include advanced projects using word processing, spreadsheets, databases and presentation software. The integration of these tools and Web page development is also covered. This is a hands-on course. Lab fee required.

CGS 2100C - Microcomputer Software Packages
Microcomputer Software Packages introduces students to major application software packages using Microsoft Office. These include word processors, spreadsheets, databases and presentation packages. This is a hands-on course. Lab fee required.

CGS 1510C - Spreadsheet Applications
Spreadsheet Applications focuses on using spreadsheet software for business, professional and personal use. Emphasis is placed on electronic spreadsheets, database management, graphics and word processing features of spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel. This is a hands-on course. Lab fee required.

CGS 2540C - Database Management
Prerequisite: CGS 2100C - Microcomputer Software Packages

Database Management introduces database management fundamentals. Topics include an overview of the organization and use of databases with emphasis on the role of the manager and database administrator. Emphasis is also placed on the principles of database design, Structured Query Language (SQL), new trends in database software and the Internet. This is a hands-on course. Lab fee required.

CIS 2321 - System Analysis and Design
Prerequisite: COP 2224 - Visual C++ Programming, COP 1332 - Visual Basic Programming, or COP 2800 - Programming in Java with a grade of "C" or better.

System Analysis and Design introduces the fundamentals of developing information systems in the business environment. Major topics include the methods of systems investigation, input/output design, system documentation, communication, implementation of new systems, control and security of systems, hardware selection and software development. Typical information technology applications are also examined.

COP 1000 - Principles of Computer Programming
Principles of Computer Programming introduces students to algorithm concepts and basic programming techniques. Advanced logic techniques such as looping, initialization/header routines, end of file routines, program control, major/minor totals, sequence checking and graphical user interfaces are taught. An emphasis is placed on the implementation of these concepts using the Visual Basic programming language. This is a hands-on course. Lab fee required.

COP 2701 - Access Database Programming
Prerequisite: CGS 2100C - Microcomputer Software Packages with a grade of "C" or better

Access Database Programming helps students develop the skills to program database application software packages. Students are introduced to the programming features of database application software available on microcomputers. Students will design, implement and document programs using Microsoft Access and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). This is a hands-on course. Lab fee required.

GEB 1011 - Introduction to Business
Introduction to Business introduces students to the background material necessary for selecting a career or job. Business operation information focuses on management, marketing, finance and law.


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