Oracle Certified Associate

What is the Oracle Certified Associate for the Java Platform Certification Program?

Oracle Corporation is the offical owner of the Java programming language as a result of acquiring Sun Microsystems in 2010. Engineers at Sun invented Java in 1995. The Java platform allows applications to be run on multiple computer and device types. When an application is written using the Java programming language, the program can run on any kind of machine such as:

  • PCs
  • Macintosh computers
  • Network systems
  • Internet machines
  • Mobile devices

Java applications also run on multiple device types (such as computers, phones and televisions) across multiple operating systems. In addition Java is the programming language behind Android mobile applications.

The Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) for the Java Platform focuses on testing your application development skills using the Java programming language.

What are the Benefits of the Certification?

The Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) for the Java Platform is a credential that proves you have the knowledge and skills required to create, document, run and debug a Java application. The certification is given by Oracle and is recognized worldwide. This provides international opportunities.

Java allows one application to be used with multiple systems and devices over different operating systems. As new technologies emerge, the need to use applications in different scenarios increases. Therefore, Java programming language skills are in high demand. With a certification, you have the credential to become a leading candidate for these high-tech positions. Additionally, some companies will accept certification as an alternative to actual job experience. Certifications can also play an important role in earning a higher starting salary or in career advancement.

The Oracle Certified Associate certification also provides the skills to help you move towards a higher-level certification. These certifications include:

  • Oracle Certified Professional in Java programming
  • Developer Certified Master (assignment and essay)

Please refer to the Oracle website for more information on these certifications.

How do I earn the Certification?

To earn certification, you must pass the Oracle Certified Associate exam. The certification exam can be taken at the Seminole State Professional Testing and Certification Center.

Please refer to the Oracle website for more information on the certification.

How does Seminole State help prepare me to take the Certification exam?

Seminole State College offers two courses to help prepare you to take the Oracle Certified Associate exam. Seminole State recommends that you successfully complete both courses before taking the exam.

COP 2800 - Programming in Java
Programming in Java introduces object oriented programming and the Java programming language. Students create, document, run and debug Java programs. Topics include data types, operators and arithmetic expressions, making decisions, looping, arrays, classes, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, and exceptions.
COP 2805 - Advanced Java Programming
Advanced Java Programming teaches the advanced features of Java. Students use Java to create complex programs that concurrently execute threads, use data stored in databases, communicate via TCP/IP, use collections, and integrate with web services.

These courses can also be taken as college credit toward the Computer Programming and Analysis - A.S. degree.

The courses Seminole State College provide as part of its professional certification programs are designed to help students prepare for a certification exam. To earn a certification, the student must pass the exam. Passing the courses does not guarantee that the student will pass the exam.

What career opportunities can I explore with this certification?

The certification is a logical step toward entering a career as a/an:

  • Internet Programmer/Developer
  • Application Programmer
  • Network/Systems Engineers
  • Support Specialist

For further information on career possibilities or for assistance with job placement, please visit the Seminole State Career Development Center.


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