Rhetorical Speech and Communications

The ability to communicate effectively is crucial to success in business, in the social, political and cultural life of our communities, and in personal relationships. Ours is a global information society, and students need the skills that will help them listen critically as well as speak clearly.

Seminole State's classes in communication theory, oral communication, and debate enhance students' critical thinking skills by emphasizing logic, reasoning and argumentation. The courses prepare students not only to deliver compelling presentations but also to critique information, whether it's a news report, political speech or sales pitch.

Completion of Introduction to Oral Communication (SPC 1608) or Honors Oratory: Speech, Argumentation and Debate (IDH 2106) will satisfy the basic requirements in General Education for the Associate in Arts (A.A.) Degree. Introduction to Oral Communication (SPC 1608) is also a General Education requirement for many Associate in Science (A.S.) degrees.