Lauren's CMS Training Page

Lauren is doing her best and appreciates feedback

I wasn't there for the whole training and I am living to  regret it now.

  • I am unsure what to put on this list
  • I really wish there was a video I could re-watch for a tutorial
  • I missed the first 20 minutes of this training and the training was 4 days ago and my memory isn’t good.

The changes I made yesterday didn't save

My internet was slow and I left the page thinking it had gone through

This link shows the meme that describes my mood 90% of the time. The meme is of a dog in a burning room saying, "It's Fine This is Fine."

This link shows the Foundation directory page on the Seminole State website.

This is my favorite picture of my boss, Laura Schumacher.

A picture of a group of people, it is focused on an angry looking woman named Laura.
This picture confounds my boss, Laura Schumacher because she can't remember why she was making this face or who she was looking at.



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