Civic Scholars

Are you interested in learning about social or political issues in your community? Do you want to put your passion into action?  If so, participating in the Seminole State Civic Scholars program may be an exciting opportunity for you!   

There will be information sessions hosted in the fall 2020 semester. Those dates are to be announced soon. 

If you have any questions, contact Beverly Sanchez


What is the Seminole State Civic Scholars Program?

The Civic Scholars Program at Seminole State provides students with the opportunity to explore and engage in open discussion about some of the social and political challenges faced by our peers, our community and the world around us. In addition to discussion, as a civic scholar, you receive the opportunity to walk the walk and talk the talk of civic engagement by participating in community service projects, themed around topics we discuss, in our own community. Some of the topics we hope to explore this semester include arts and culture, education, environmental and animal issues, health, human rights and immigration, and women's and gender issues.

Requirements of the Program

There are four required components to complete the program:

  • Attend at least five out of seven educational forums.
    There will be seven educational forums during the semester surrounding a social/political theme (eg. Human Rights, Environmental, U.S Prison System). During Educational forums, students will have the opportunity to learn about an issues and engage in a facilitated discussion/reflection of the topic where they share their views in an inclusive environment amongst their peers. To complete this component, students must attend any 5 out of the 7 education forums.
  • Complete 10 hours of service.
    Students may engage in 10 hours of documented service through any organization(s) of their choosing. To help students meet the required 10 service hours and better understand the social/political issues being discussed, optional service day events will be coordinated surrounding the themes of the education forums for students to participate in. (Example; attending a toxic waste tour and clean up, following a discussion on environmental injustice).
  • Attend the Emerging Leadership Retreat.
    The Emerging Leaders' Program provides students a chance to network and meet lots of new people while at the same time developing their knowledge of leadership and leadership opportunities available to them. Some of the topics that will be covered will be basic leadership theory, Myers-Briggs personality theory, teamwork training, etc.
  • Complete a capstone project.
    Each student must complete an end of the semester Capstone Project that reflects his/her experience as a Civic Scholar. Examples include creating an art piece about a social/ political Issue explored, writing a reflection paper about your volunteer experience, or creating a documentary to bring awareness to one of the themed topics explored over the semester among other examples.


Students who complete all components of the program will receive a certificate of program completion, and be recognized at an end of the semester ceremony for their participation in the program.

Apply to the Program

Students can apply to the program using their myseminolestate login information and answer the few questions. 

The application will be provided in the fall 2020 semester. 

If you have any questions, please email Beverly Sanchez.