PTN1131 Concepts in Pharmacy Practice

This course is equipped to introduce the student to administrative aspects and applications involved in working in the pharmacy setting. Subjects covered in this course include interpretation and evaluation of prescription orders, pharmaceutical dosage forms and materials management of pharmaceuticals. This course will provide advanced understanding of the pharmacy formulary system, computer applications in drug use control, pharmacy management elements and medication errors. It will allow the student to identify the element of patient profiles and the process of handling medications. It will also provide a strong focus on records management, inventory control, compensation and methods of payment for pharmacy services. Students must complete this course with a grade of "C" or higher.

Prerequisites: PTN 1121, PTN 1705C, PTN 1734C and BSC 1020 or BSC 1084 or BSC 2093 and BSC 2094 or HIM 1453 with grades of "C" or higher. Corequisites: PTN 1122 and PTN 1131L.

Terms Typically Offered: Fall, Summer
Credits: 3.00

Aug 20 to Dec 9
Online E Learning - 1 class available
Dl Online
73332------08/20 - 12/09---GspandlMore Info
PTN1131 Concepts in Pharmacy Practice (73332) Fall 2019

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Pharmacy Practice F/ Tech. Text

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