Tuition Payment Plans

To help make college more affordable, Seminole State College of Florida offers tuition payment plans.  A tuition payment plan divides your tuition balance into affordable monthly payments with no interest.

Seminole State has contracted with Nelnet Business Solutions to administer this program. Nelnet is responsible for payment plan enrollment and monthly payment processing.

Enrollment Fees and Down Payments

A nonrefundable enrollment fee ($30, $35 or $40 depending on the number of payments in the plan you select) and a percentage of your tuition charges as down payment will be charged at the time of enrollment into a tuition payment plan.

Have Questions? View the tuition payment plan FAQ and payment plan enrollment deadlines, or call Nelnet at 800.609.8056.

More Info

The maximum amount you may include in a tuition payment plan is $4,500 per agreement. Anything over this amount will be added to your down payment. If the down payment is not processed successfully, the plan will be canceled immediately, and you will owe the full tuition balance to Seminole State.

Enrolling in a Tuition Payment Plan

Before You Enroll

If you are enrolling into a tuition payment plan on the same day your classes are due, please do so during Seminole State’s published business hours, or your classes may drop due to non-payment.


Before you enroll in a Tuition Payment Plan, have the following information handy:

  • Your MySeminoleState username and password
  • The name, address and email address of the person responsible for making the payments.
  • If paying by automatic bank payments (ACH), you will need the bank name, phone number, account number and  routing number.
    Most of this information is located on your check or your savings account deposit slip.
  • If paying by debit or credit card, you will need the card number and expiration date. Payment by debit or credit card will require a nonrefundable 2.75 percent convenience fee in addition to a nonrefundable enrollment fee.

How to Enroll

Once you enroll, don't forget to print the confirmation page for future reference. 


To enroll in a tuition payment plan, follow these steps:

  1. Disable pop-up blockers.
  2. Log in to MySeminoleState.
  3. Navigate to your Student Center in the Self Service menu. 
  4. Under Finances, click "tuition payment plan."
  5. Click "Enroll in Tuition Payment Plan."

When you complete the tuition payment plan enrollment steps, print the confirmation page for future reference. It contains your agreement number, monthly payment amounts, and the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Want more info? Contact us.