SPD Mini Projects

Application Deadline: 
Friday, 2/16/2018, 12 p.m. (Noon)
Maximum Award: $1,000

Important Information


  • Provide funds to be used by instructional personnel for curriculum development, for the development of instructional materials, and conducting research.
  • Provide funds for the development of programs for instructional support, including start-up equipment. Note: Equipment allocations are limited to 20 percent of the SPD project budget.
  • Provide funds to be used by non-instructional personnel for project development related to the delivery of services and streamlining of processes and practices.
  • To provide funds (mini projects) during the second semester for innovative or special proposals that can be completed in a six-month period, unless an extension is requested and granted by the SPD Committee.

Policies and Procedures

  • Project proposals must be submitted on an SPD Project Request Form by the published deadline. Project proposals are reviewed by the SPD Committee. If funds are available, a call for mini projects may be made prior to the end of the fiscal year. These projects must be completed by June 30, unless an extension is requested in writing and granted by the SPD Committee.
  • Project initiators must be full- or part-time personnel.
  • The Project Proposal Guidelines should be followed to complete the project request. Be sure to include the following in the narrative:
    • Relationship of project to Seminole State College's strategic goals and the SPD objectives: Identify the Seminole State strategic goal and associated priority that this project addresses. Explain how this project will help Seminole State College achieve that goal and priority.
    • Target population: Describe the population(s) that will benefit from this project. Give evidence of the need for the project in terms of the population(s) helped. Describe the value to the College for the money spent.
    • Project objectives: List measurable objectives that will be attained by the proposed activities.
    • Rationale for project: Clearly indicate evidence of the need for this project and the value to be gained at the College.
    • Procedures: State specific procedures that will be followed in developing the project.
      • A time table and list of people who will hold major responsibilities for carrying out the proposed activities should be included.
      • Determine if the supplement is an Academic Supplement or Curriculum Development.  Supplements will be paid in accordance with the most recent Salary Schedule or Collective Bargaining Agreement.
      • Activities should be planned so that a Project Evaluation Interim Report can be provided and a Project Evaluation Final Report submitted upon completion of the project.
      • If you do not complete the project in the fiscal year in which it was begun, you must request permission to carry the funds over to the next fiscal year.
    • Evaluation: The project evaluation methods should specify the criteria that will be used to measure the intended results.
    • Cost: Include a statement of the commitment of an area or  department(s) of the College that will support the proposed activities.
      • Expenditures (equipment, supplies, salaries, consultants, etc.) should be described in the proposal narrative as well as in the budget section.
      • Payments for services rendered, such as supplements, will be in accordance with the District Board of Trustees' approved salary schedule or Collective Bargaining Agreement. Part-time employees will be paid on an hourly basis in accordance with the Board approved salary schedule. The Estimate of Benefit Costs for SPD Project Form can help you calculate costs.
      • Minor equipment (70500) should have a useful life of at least one year; nonconsumable; has a per-unit cost more than $100 but less than $1,000. Remember to include the cost of shipping in your request. (This equipment is not tagged by the property office.)
      • Minor capital equipment requests (70600) is nonconsumable; nonrecurring; equpment that has a per-unit cost equal to or greater than $1,000 but less than $5,000. Remember to include the cost of shipping in your request. (This equipment is tagged by the property office and inventoried annually.)
      • All other purchase should be considered materials (use account code 65500). 
  • The original application, along with all required forms/information with signatures, should be sent to Sandra Lochner, Buisness Office, Sanford/Lake Mary Campus (L-215), via campus mail. One (1) electronic document inclusive of the narrative and all required forms/information with signatures should be sent via email to lochners@seminolestate.edu by the published deadline.

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