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Global Business Technical Certificate

Global Business Technical Certificate
Type: Tech Cert
Major Code: BIB-CC
CIP: 0552070101
Educational Plan: BIB-CC

Program Description

The purpose of this program is to introduce students to the factors that impact business operations conducted in the global marketplace. The student will be able to demonstrate knowledge of principles and practices of international business including:

  • Understanding the role of strategic planning and the development of marketing strategies for the international marketplace;
  • Describing strategies for opening foreign markets, including pure exporting, use of local distributors, global manufacturing, operating wholly-owned subsidiaries and foreign direct investment;
  • Demonstrating an understanding of demographics, market segmentation and the selection of target markets as applied to the global business environment;
  • Identifying and explaining the differences in international consumer and industrial buying habits;
  • Understanding the impact of language, culture, religion and local government regulations on the conduct of international business;
  • Understanding the complexity of product development, naming and pricing in the international environment; and
  • Understanding the complexities of developing worldwide distribution systems and how they are affected by differing local laws, taxation and regulations.

This certificate is upward compatible with the A.S. degree, Business Administration and the A.S. degree, Entrepreneurship and Business Management.

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