Athletic Training Policies and Procedures

    Primary Health Insurance

    All Seminole State student-athletes are required to obtain and maintain sufficient primary health insurance coverage. If at any time the student-athlete's insurance status changes, the athlete will be removed from all athletic participation until such coverage is reinstated and can be verified.

    Students possessing insurance that does not provide benefits within the immediate surrounding area of Seminole State's Sanford/Lake Mary Campus will be required to seek assistance from a nearby emergency room or return to their home network area for diagnosis and treatment of any illness or injury.

    Reporting Injuries

    Any injury sustained by a Seminole State student-athlete must be reported to the Athletic Training Office in a timely manner. It is the full responsibility of the student-athlete to report the injury directly to the certified athletic trainer.

    Failure to report an injury to the Athletic Training Office may result in non-coverage by Seminole State's excess insurance policies.

    Drug and Alcohol Testing

    Seminole State's Athletics Department has adopted a rigorous drug testing program in an effort to protect both the student-athlete and the integrity of sport.

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