B.S. Construction: Project Management Specialization

A.S. to B.S. | Major Code: BS-CONST  |  CIP: 1101510012  |  Catalog Reference: 2019-20
Program Completion Plan for Part-Time Students who have already completed an associate degree in Construction.

Term 1 (Fall)

BCN 3730
Construction Safety, Health and the Environment

BCN 3724C 
Advanced Construction Planning

PHY 1020
Conceptual Physics or higher*

Term 2 (Spring)

BCN 3565C
Electrical Systems in Construction

ETG 2502


General Education**

Term 3 (Summer)

BCN 3205C
Mechanical Systems in Construction

Any Accounting Course
ACG, APA, FIN Prefix

General Education**

Term 4 (Fall)

BCN 4612C
Advanced Construction Estimating

BCN 3225C
Soil Mechanics and Foundations

MAC 2233
Concepts of Calculus or higher*

Term 5 (Spring)

ETG 3533C
Applied Engineering Strengths of Materials

Any Business Law Course
BUL Prefix

General Education**

Term 6 (Summer)

BCN 3708 
Construction Laws and Contracts

General Education**

General Education**

Term 7 (Fall)

BCN 4753
Construction Financing and Accounting Principles

Any Economic Course

General Education**

Term 8 (Spring)

BCN 4787C
Construction Capstone Project

ETI 3630
Leading Project Teams

This is a typical plan for students who have already completed an associate degree in discipline.

*PHY 1020 (or higher Physics) and MAC 2233 (or higher mathematics course) are required for the B.S. Construction degree. Courses may also satisfy Math and Science general education requirement. If General Education requirements have been met, students may select an elective course (any upper or lower division course) not already taken or transferred in its place.

**General Education Requirements: Individual needs may vary based on prior courses completed in associate degree; a total of 36 credit hours (A.S. plus B.S.) are required. Students should consult with an advisor to confirm all general education requirements have been met.

***BCT 2770 Estimating Fundamentals and BCN 2721 Construction Scheduling and Planning are required as part of foundation if not completed in previous degree program. All technical foundation courses must be completed prior to starting the construction upper division core courses.

****Foreign Language Requirements: Baccalaureate students must demonstrate foreign language proficiency. Intermediate Level Equivalent to 2 years high school or 2 college credit courses in a single language. If foreign language requirement has already been met, these courses can be elective classes.


Business & Information Management
Kathleen Wilson

Health Sciences
Shelly Deans

Construction, Engineering Technology, Information Systems Technology and Interior Design
Nathasha Garcia