Art is for Everyone: The Benefits of Art

Indian Sculpture by Seminole State student

Art is a universal language. Thousands of years ago, mankind told stories through pictures drawn on cave walls. Through the ages, artists have relayed history through drawings, paintings, architecture and sculptures. Joy, sorrow, anger, peace - the emotions and experiences of artists are shared in a sketched line or a splash of color.

Whether you're an artist or simply enjoy art, Seminole State's Art Program can benefit you. Seminole State offers:

  • A well-rounded curriculum for those who want to pursue a career in art or move into a four-year art degree program; and
  • A variety of classes that students can take to enhance their personal or professional lives.

For the Student Artist

Seminole State's Art Program prepares you for:

  • Continued art education at an art school or a college/university art program; and
  • A career in an art-related field.

Seminole State's Art Program focuses on students and helping them achieve their goals. Our faculty consists of nationally exhibited and collected professional artists. The College's smaller class sizes allow instructors to give you personalized attention to help you refine your skills. Seminole State also offers students:

  • The opportunity to express themselves in multiple mediums; 
  • A solid foundation in art history and studies;
  • The ability to easily transfer into an art program at a four-year college or university; and
  • Assistance in creating a portfolio.

For the Graphic Artist

Understanding traditional art media is essential to graphic artists. While the process of creating art on a computer differs from drawing, painting or sculpting, mechanics and techniques remain the same. Studying art prepares students to create their own unique art via their chosen medium. When learning to draw, paint or sculpt, students at Seminole State learn perspective, 3-D principles, drawing concepts and visual composition. These skills are the foundation for graphic design. Through these concepts, students learn to visually create, giving them a competitive edge in the design market.

For the Professional

Art is truly universal, which is one of its greatest strengths; it truly can benefit everyone and every industry. Art is the most effective way to communicate across language and cultural barriers. This makes it ideal for business and professional applications.

  • Advertising and Marketing Campaigns: From billboards to newspaper advertisements, television commercials to company logos, creativity and art are as much a part of advertising as slogans. A person in Japan may not be able to read the word "McDonald's," yet will quickly recognize the company's "Golden Arches."
  • Architecture: Architecture is one of the topics studied in art history because its principles are so closely linked with those in many other artistic disciplines. To design a truly remarkable structure, an architect must combine the physical and mechanical laws of construction with the creativity of art. Imagine what the Cathedral of Notre Dame might look like if its builder had simply constructed a square, wooden church house. Because its architect had a strong understanding of artistic concepts and a lot of creativity, a masterpiece was created.
  • Interior Design: Interior designers create rooms that are aesthetically pleasing. To do so, they must understand artistic concepts. From how the furniture is arranged to the colors selected for a room, interior designers must combine principles of design with artistic creativity as well.

For Personal Enrichment

Art gives us the ability to express ourselves. Through that expression, we communicate by drawing on our own unique emotions, thoughts and experiences. When you see and study another's art, you're seeing the world through their eyes. When you create, you're letting the world see through yours.

Even if your work is never displayed in an art gallery, personal expression holds many benefits. Creating an artistic piece is relaxing for many artists and helps them cope with the pressures of everyday life or extreme situations. To help control high blood pressure or other stress-related illnesses, doctors often suggest self-expression through art. Creating art is also rewarding because it can boost your self-esteem.


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