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Architectural Engineering Technology Associate in Science

Architectural Engineering Technology Associate in Science
Type: AS
Major Code: AET-AS
CIP: 1715020101

Program Description

Students will learn the engineering and design requirements for a project within the built environment, receiving a strong math and science foundation that will prepare them for the architecture/engineering/construction industry. With an understanding of the basic principles and technical aspects of the industry, students graduating from the program will typically work for an architect, engineer, contractor or subcontractor. Graduates who would like to continue their formal education may continue toward Seminole State’s B. S. in Engineering Technology or B. S. in Construction degrees or may take advantage of university programs in engineering technology.


Architectural engineering technicians use engineering principles and technical skills to help architects, engineers, and planners develop buildings and related systems, such as lighting and communications systems. They analyze building sites, draw plans, create building models, and test designs. Related engineering technology professions include civil engineering technicians. They assist engineers in the planning and design of highways, bridges, utilities, buildings and other major projects. They also help with commercial, residential and land development. Mechanical engineering technicians help mechanical engineers design, develop, test and manufacture industrial machinery, consumer products and other equipment. They may make sketches and rough layouts, record and analyze data, make calculations and estimates and report their findings. Industrial engineering technicians plan ways to effectively use personnel, materials and machines in factories, stores, hospitals repair shops and offices. They may also prepare machinery and equipment layouts, plan work flows, conduct statistical production studies and analyze production costs.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this program have a number of employment options such as: 

  • Architectural Engineering Technician
  • Civil Engineering Technician 
  • Industrial Engineering Technician
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician
  • Surveying and Mapping Technician

Job Outlook

Employment in these fields is expected to grow between 5 to 20 percent from now until 2020. For surveying and mapping technicians, recent advancements in mapping technology have led to new uses for maps and a need for more of the data used to build maps. As a result, surveying and mapping technicians are expected to have more work. Civil engineering technicians will be needed to manage projects to rebuild bridges, repair roads, and upgrade levees and dams as infrastructure continues to age. Mechanical engineering technicians will see a slight growth in their field, especially for those who can master new software and technology. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Degree Transfer

The A.S. Degree in Engineering Technology will transfer to the Seminole State College’s Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering Technology or the Bachelor of Science in Construction degrees or may take advantage of university programs in engineering technology.


The following industry certifications are related to the education in the A.S. Degree Engineering Technology program:

  • Autodesk Certified Professional – Inventor, ADESK024
  • Autodesk Certified User - Autodesk Inventor, ADESK011
  • MSSC Certified Production Technician (CPT), MSSCN001

Placement and Salary Information

Visit to access employment numbers and the estimated average, annual full-time wage for graduates of this program.

College Credit Certificates

Students may complete the following college credit certificates as part of the A.S. in Architectural Engineering Technology degree:

  • Advanced Computer-Aided Design
  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Sustainable Engineering
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Available Courses
Required Courses


Elective Courses

Any College Credit course not already required.

General Education Courses

Humanities General Education course


Mathematics General Education courses

STA 2023 Statistical Methods I recommended

Science General Education course

Select a course from Science Area A or B

Social Science General Education course

Total Credits:

For students planning to transfer into Seminole State's B.S. Engineering Technology, the following courses are required for that degree and may be taken as part of the General Education requirements for the A.S., Architectural Engineering Technology:

  • PHY 1053C Conceptual Physics or higher level Physics course
  • MAC 2233 Concepts of Calculus or higher level Mathematics General Education Course and STA 2023 Statistical Methods I or MAC2311 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I and MAC2312 Analytic Geometry and Calculus II or higher level Mathematics General Education courses



Students with a baccalaureate degree or an associate of arts degree from a regionally accredited institution will be considered to have met general education requirements for this degree program.

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