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Adult High School

Our Adult High School students now have the ability to earn their high school diploma entirely online to fit the scheduling needs of our busy students. Tuition for the Adult High School is $30 per semester. New students must be 17 years old before their first session begins. Please see our Adult High School admissions page for information on how to apply.


A one-time* orientation is mandatory for all new Adult High School students. At orientation, we will answer student questions and provide an overview of the program. Please see our Adult High School admissions page for available orientation dates.
* Note: Students who have not been enrolled for three consecutive semesters may be asked to complete orientation again.


The terms "register" and "enroll" are used interchangeably. Students must see an advisor to register or enroll in their classes prior to the start of each session. During that time, the advisor may estimate how long it will take the student to meet graduation requirements. Please see our Adult High School graduation page for more information.

First Class Meeting

All Adult High School online students must attend the First Class Meeting for each subject at the beginning of each session. Students will learn how to navigate the course, submit assignments, and communicate with the instructor. Students who do not attend the orientation or make alternate arrangements with the instructor may be withdrawn from class without warning.

Adult High School eLearning Instructors

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