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A.S. Degree, Multimedia Technology Television and Digital Cinema Production

Degree Type: AS
Major Code: MMTFP-AS
Former CIP: 1610010202

This program is designed for students who intend to seek employment in the television industry and/or related fields. The curriculum provides instruction in introductory and advanced techniques essential to the profession. Courses provide students access to high-end cameras, editing suites and video graphics and the opportunity to produce broadcast-quality productions. Graduates exit the program with a complete portfolio.

Students may complete the following college credit certificates as part of the Multimedia Technology Television and Digital Cinema Production degree:

  • Digital and Interactive Media Design Technical Certificate
  • Digital Video Fundamentals Certificate
  • Video Editing and Post Production Certificate
Major Courses
AvailableRTV1201CIntroduction to Television Production I
This is a course in the preparation and production of television programs for airing at the College and on local public access TV. Programs scheduled include activities at Seminole State College and in the community. Lab fee required.
Note: RTV 1201 and RTV 1201L may substitute for RTV 1201C.
Not availableRTV1241Introduction to Television Production II
The purpose of this course is to develop skills in using more advanced equipment for television production and to apply these skills in producing television programs. The course will stress writing, producing, directing and editing television programs. Lab fee required.
Not availableRTV2245CElectronic Field Production
In this course students learn single and multiple camera field production techniques in producing documentary and news style programs. Emphasizes working in teams utilizing portable field equipment such as lighting, audio and camera. Lab fee required.
AvailableRTV2250Video Post Production
In this course students will learn editing techniques and other post-production processes including A/B roll editing, digital video effects, electronic graphics and audio mixing. Students will be introduced to non-linear editing systems. Lab fee required.
AvailableRTV2251Advanced Editing
This course will instruct students to operate non-linear editing systems focusing on AVID technologies. Students will become familiar with software applications related to special effects, audio enhancements and image manipulation. Lab fee required.
AvailableRTV2925TV Workshop
This is the capstone course for the TV and Film program. Students will produce a demonstration reel exhibiting their best work in all areas of pre-production, production and post-production. The course should be a benefit to students seeking employment or wishing to transfer to a senior institution. Lab fee required.
Support Courses
AvailableDIG2000Introduction to Digital Media
This course explores the avenues of contemporary digital design, highlighting the importance of process, innovation and communication. Students will become familiar with design projects ranging from traditional print, sophisticated websites, interactive digital media and motion graphics. The course will focus on developing and refining the design concept and the execution strategy. Lab fee required.
Not availablePGY2401CPhotography I
Open to all students, this course is an introduction to the fundamentals of photography and includes camera operation, pictorial composition, exposure, developing and printing as a means of personal photographic expression. A manual 35 mm, single-lens reflex camera is required, as is the purchase of expendable materials. This course is for art majors and non-art majors. Lab fee required.
Not availableRTV1240Introduction to Audio Production
The course includes beginning theory and practices as a platform to springboard into live sound reinforcement as well as recording and broadcasting technology, incorporating the signal processing and hands-on techniques found in a myriad of real world applications. The eventual goal is to learn to incorporate audio gear for optimum performance in a variety of professional operations.
Choose one:
AvailableART1201CDesign Fundamentals I
This course provides an investigation into the dynamics of various organizing principles while exercising both traditional and contemporary media. Students explore the visual elements and fundamental principles of design in order to determine the constructs of order. Elements of visual literacy are also used to explore issues of symbol and human communication. Process and development are emphasized. This course is suitable for both the art major and non-art major. Lab fee required.
AvailableDIG2341Motion Graphics I
This course focuses on digital post-production used for film, animation, video, digital media and the Web. This course identifies production methods, compositing and sophisticated motion control for high-quality, two-dimensional animation. Focus is placed on digital media components, video tape and screen outputs for special and specialty projects while exploring foundations for computer-aided digital production. The topic of work flow issues and the variety of design and production vehicles will be addressed. Lab fee required.
Choose 16 credits from the following list:
AvailableENG2100The Art of Film
This course is designed to help students become more active, critical viewers of films and to be able to communicate that understanding in writing. Like written forms of literature, movies are texts that can be analyzed and interpreted. Students will view a number of films from different time periods, genres and artistic approaches. Lectures will concentrate on the narrative and stylistic elements used by film makers. This course partially satisfies the writing requirement of S.B.E. 6A-10.030 and the Humanities Area B General Education requirement.
AvailableGRA2201Bitmap Graphics I
This course is an introduction to Photoshop software which provides an extensive variety of electronic tools for manipulating photographs and creating illustrations. The course is designed for the graphics individual who wishes to integrate photography with page layouts. Students will learn the basics of scanning, retouching, color correcting, proofing and output to printer devices. Lab fee required.
AvailableGRA2151CVector Graphics I Using Adobe Illustrator
This course is designed for beginning Adobe Illustrator users. Fundamental concepts and features are introduced and applied to a variety of graphics applications. The world of vector graphics and professional illustrations is entered, explored and applied to a variety of graphic endeavors. Lab fee required.
AvailableRTV2206Television Directing
This course teaches students procedures and practices of directing a variety of television productions. Emphasis will be placed on working with writers and producers in directing programs from concept to product. Lab fee required.
Not availableTHE1304Script Analysis
This course will explore the dramatic form and structure of a play. Students will read and analyze the script in order to study the playwright's intentions, methods and meanings. The script will be examined as a blueprint for production and performance.
RTV29XXCooperative Education Internship in Radio/TV
ARTXXXXAny ART prefix course not already required
CRWXXXXAny CRW prefix course not already required
DIGXXXXAny DIG prefix course not already required
FILXXXXAny FIL prefix course not already required
PGYXXXXAny PGY prefix course not already required
RTVXXXXAny RTV prefix course not already required
General Education Courses
AvailableENC1101English I
This is a course in the process of expository writing. Students will read essays and compose papers that are unified, organized, logically developed and supported, clearly stated and well-focused. Research techniques are introduced and incorporated into at least one composition. This course partially satisfies the writing requirement of S.B.E. 6A-10.030. Students must pass the core assignments with a grade of "C" or higher.
Humanities General Education course3
Recommended: Area A, Humanities
Mathematics or Science General Education course3
Note: If you choose a Science General Education course, due to state law, you must also complete any college preparatory mathematics course(s), if any were required by your entry level scores, before you can be awarded an associate degree.
Social Science General Education course3
Any General Education course3
AvailableSPC1608Introduction to Oral Communication
The purpose of this course is to improve the basic skills of speaking and listening. Class exercises emphasize preparing and delivering public speeches, speaking with clarity and variety and listening with literal and critical comprehension.
Total Credits:64
Note: Associate in Science (A.S.) degrees are designed to prepare graduates for immediate entry into their chosen career field. A.S. degree graduates may transfer into certain baccalaureate programs. Students planning to transfer to baccalaureate programs should consult with Student Affairs counselors, advisors or specialists to make sure required courses are taken and entry requirements are met for the college/university program of their choice.

Textbook information will be available online for each term's courses 45 days prior to the first day of classes for the term.

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