What to do after Fundamentals of Writing exit tests

1. After the grading of the essays is over and the scores have been recorded on the rosters, you may get a copy of the roster to take with you. Please don't take the original!

2. Inform all of your students whether they passed or failed the Exit Exam. You may wish to do this on a form you create or tell them verbally. It's up to you.

3. For those who failed one or both sections of the exam, give them an "Admission to State College Prep Exit Re-Test form" (green). Tell the students they must register to take the test before the day of the exam. Showing up with the green form the day of the exam without registering ahead of time may forfeit their opportunity to retake the test.

4. You must fill out the form-not the student. The color of the student's first essay test is on the score card attached to the essay the student wrote. The objective test letter is on your roster.

5. Re-take schedules are available. Take one and duplicate it if necessary.

6. Sign the Payroll form with your name, SS number, and the number of hours to be paid.

7. Pick up yellow exemption forms from Sandy Hernandez for Fund I students who qualify to exempt Fund II and move to English I. The student must have this form signed by you and the department chair in order to register for English I.

8. If a Fundamentals of Writing II student fails one or both sections of the Exit Exam, he or she may not pass Fundamentals of Writing II. You may assign the student a "D," "F," or "W."

Most of all, thank you, thank you for your help and your dedication to students to help them learn to write!

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