English Testing - College Prep Exit General Information

In fall 1999, the State of Florida established the Basic Skills Exit Test for all students exiting a college prep program in reading, writing, or math.


All Fundamentals of Writing II students must pass both the essay section and the objective grammar section of the State Exit Test and earn a grade of "C" or better in the course to pass Fundamentals of Writing II.  Providing the student fulfills any college prep reading requirements, the student may then advance to English I (ENC 1101).

Fundamentals of Writing I students with an "A" and the teacher's recommendation may take the State Exit Test to exempt the second level of college prep.  To exempt Fundamentals of Writing II, a student must earn an "A" in Fundamentals of Writing I, earn the required scores on the State Exit Test, and have the teacher's recommendation.


Students are allowed 50 minutes for the objective section and 50 minutes for the writing section in Round One.  In Round Two, students have double time (100 minutes).

Eligibility for Round Two

A student is eligible for the second round of testing if he/she misses the first round or fails one or two sections of the first round test.  Those students late or absent for the first round will have only one opportunity to take the test.  If a student takes only the second round test and fails, he/she fails the course.

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