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Get Involved on the Sanford/Lake Mary Campus!

Participation in campus life is an important part of your college experience. The Sanford/Lake Mary Campus provides many opportunities for students to get involved. Below you will find the information for the current active clubs on the Sanford/Lake Mary Campus. To visit a club meeting and learn about how to get involved, contact the club advisor who will be able to tell you more about the organization and put you in touch with the current club president. All students are encouraged to participate in at least one club or organization. You may also start a club or organization on campus.

Active OrganizationsContactPhoneAdviserOfficePhoneMeeting DayMeeting TimeMeeting Location
African American Cultural Forum Travis Hadley   Trent Tomengo UP-2011 407.708.2529 Tuesdays 12:30 p.m. C-110
Brain Bowl Tim Martin  407.708.2731 Robert Moon F-233 407.708.2731 Fridays 1 p.m. S-213 
Chess Club Zuberi McGill   Daniel Gabilondo L-208F 407.708.2721

Tuesdays and Wednesdays

12:30 p.m. Student Center
Club 3:16 David Rodriguez 407.232.5524 Rosa Alvarez A-108L 407.708.2143 Tuesdays 1:00 p.m. L-012
Environmental Initiative Jeremy Ponsot  407.431.5123 Debra Socci OVF-310 407.971.5077 Mondays 11 a.m.  S-215
Film Club Matthew Jezak 813.810.5307  Jennifer Sheppard V-007 407.708.2719 Wednesdays 4 p.m.  J-008
Hispanic Student Association Eli Rivera 786.327.7154 Nelson Pagan B-113B 407.708.2416 Wednesdays 2:15 p.m. C-110B
Mock Trial Casey Mullen 407.708.2191 Erin Duncan V-007K 407.901.4507  Thursday, Feb. 6 4 p.m.  V-105
Network Internet Technology Association (NITA) Bryan Garces 407.708.2384 John Delgado V-102J 407.708.2384 First Tuesday of the Month 6 p.m. J-100 or V-006
Non-Traditional Student Club Shannon Conner   Debbie Warfield UP-3018 407.708.2437 Wednesdays 12:30 p.m. UP-3001
Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) Alex Buitron   Anne Matthew J-106B 407.708.2312 Every other Tuesday 12:15 p.m. J-104
Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society Dane Homac 239.677.7689 Travis Suits UP-4004 407.708.2087 Every second and fourth Monday 3 p.m. V-006
Photo Club Matthew Jezak   Jennifer Sheppard V-007 407.708.2719 Every other Wednesday 3:30 p.m. J-008
Psychology Club Aislynn Weichman 407.474.1107 Scott Freeman F-0239 407.708.2742 Thursdays 12:30 p.m. L-332
Reel Raiders (Fishing Club) Neal Combs 407.416.8567 Kevin Konecny E-111 407.708.2907 First Wednesday of the month  6 p.m. Heathrow Atrium
Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Club Thomas Rechtman 407.624.6444 Deborah Mead S-106 407.708.2208 Every other Thursday 4:15 p.m. S-103
Seminole Aikikai David Malave 407.708.2460 Marshall Bryant A-101E 407.708.2460 Thursdays 6:30 p.m. B-127 
Seminole Connect Andrew Huffman 407.432.478 Rebecca Padilla L-210A 407.708.2684 Wednesdays  3 p.m. TBA
Sigma Phi Gamma - Alpha Chapter Jacqueline Morse  386.479.0755 Mauricio Garcia C-102A 407.708.2678 Mondays 2 p.m. C-110 
Student Accounting Society Dana Liang 407.708.2184 Terri Walsh  J-0106A 407.708.2184 First Thursday of the month   J-104
Student Art Club Reyna Sigurdson 407.232.3665 Laurence Vienneau G-122B 407.708.2648 Tuesdays 1:30 p.m. G-130
Student Government Association Nikki Goldman 407.708.2678 Mauricio Garcia C-102A 407.708.2678 Mondays 12:30 p.m. C-110 
Student Veterans Association Courtney D Lanier 954.789.5173 Jose Toro A-102B 407.708.2242      
Unity Gay Straight Alliance Danielle Dangleman 407.413.4949 Kathryn Steinhaus UP-2014 407.708.2075 Thursdays 12:30 p.m. C-110
World Religions Club Taylor Morris  407.592.1875 Bassem Chaaban   407.925.3900 Mondays 2 p.m. L-011


Be sure to also check out the active clubs at the other Seminole State College campuses:

The contacts below are advisors for clubs that are currently inactive due to a lack of active officers. If you are interested in becoming an officer and activating one of these clubs, please contact the club advisor and then fill out the club update form. If you notice there is a club below that is indeed active, please encourage the president of that club to fill out the club update form in order to be included in the active club list.

Inactive OrganizationsContactOfficePhone
Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU) Rosa Alvarez A-108L 407.708.2143
Caribbean-American Club Maurice Terrell G-106A 407.708.2529
Celtic Heritage Club Kevin Brewer F-004 407.708.2188
Dance Club Eric Yow G-103 407.341.1734
Heritage Club Maurice Terrell G-106A 407.708.2077
Indian Student Association Amee Mehta S-219A 407.708.2772
Karate Club Marshall Bryant A-101E 407.708.2460
Microbiology Club Sofronio Agustin S-218A 407.708.2211
The Miracle Medical Association Robert McGraw PS-100D 407.708.2197
Learning to Hope Debra Socci V-005 407.708.2062
Muslim Student Association Baboucar Jobe UP-4009 407.708.2262
Orlando Campus Student Ministry Baboucar Jobe UP-4009 407.708.2262
Networking Excellence Transfer Team (N.Ex.T.T) David Telleria C-104 407.708.2649
Seminole Indoor Soccer Club Stephen Summers S-111 407.708.2026
Soccer Club Baboucar Jobe UP-4009 407.708.2262
Women Activist Volunteer Education (WAVE) Linda Jenkins V-007M 407.708.2165


Clubs and Organizations Information Update

At the beginning of each academic year, all clubs and organizations are required to complete a Clubs and Organizations Update Form. This information is required in order to maintain an organization's "Active Status".

Please complete the form by clicking Update Form.

Note: The deadline to update your club information is Sept. 30.

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