QEP Timeline

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is a long-range project, extending over several years. This timeline will be updated frequently throughout the process.



  • Topic Selection Committee met with groups across campus to explain the QEP process and solicit ideas.
  • Committee reviewed Collegewide input and generated a Top 10 list and then conducted a survey for feedback on these topics.
  • Committee reviewed feedback and generated a list of the final three topics.



  • Three subcommittees were formed to research the remaining topics (reading, writing, problem solving).
  • After research concluded, committee members presented the ideas and groups across the College were asked to vote on the choices.
  • Reading improvement was chosen for Seminole State College’s QEP and officially adopted by Executive Team.


  • The QEP Development Team (with six subcommittees) was formed with 60 members across the College.
  • Each group met to research their areas, refine goals, define intervention strategies, and write learning outcomes.
  • After a campuswide contest, Read to Succeed was voted in as the name of the QEP.
  • Drafting of the QEP document began.



  • Subcommittees continued to plan for future implementation and edit the QEP document.
  • Pilot programs in curricular and co-curricular goals began.
  • Presentations to update departments about the QEP began.
  • A student advisory committee is being formed to assist with planning.


  • QEP document will be submitted to SACS.


  • Pilot programs will continue.
  • A QEP Director will be in place to coordinate QEP activities.
  • SACS site visit is Sept. 24-26!


  • QEP implementation will begin across the College.

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