Committee Members

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Development Team is composed of faculty, staff and administrators.


Carissa Baker, Professor, English

Lisa Valentino, Associate Vice President, Academic Services

Project Manager:

Dorothy Pick

Research Librarian:

Dorothy Mitchell

Subcommittee Co-Chairs:

Carissa Baker, Professor, English

Jay Davis, Director, Communications and Media Relations

Wilma Hodges, Manager, Distance Learning Services

Jeanne Larsen, Research and Instruction Librarian

Ashley Navarro, Professor, Social Sciences

Lynn Powers, Associate Vice President, Business Services

Brittany Resmann, Senior Analyst, Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Nana Robertson, Program Manager, Child Development

Lisa Valentino, Associate Vice President, Academic Services

Terri Walsh, Program Manager, Business Administration


Pilar Acosta, Associate Vice President, Information Technology and Resources

Rosa Alvarez, Educational Advisor

Kathy Bearden, Office Supervisor, Academic Success Center

Rochelle Bernstein, Professor, English

Jennifer Bielen, Coordinator, Student Activities and Career Development

Lizette Bloodworth, Coordinator, Curriculum and Technology

Patrick Blythe, Professor, History

Marshall Bryant, Adaptive Technology Specialist, Disability Support Services

Frank Bonjione, Associate Dean, Secondary Studies

Doreen Collins, Professor, Psychology

Mila Ecle, Senior Accountant

Gina Fontana, Director, Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning

Pat Ferguson, Counselor, Counseling and Advising

Tanya Fritz, Success Coach

Liz Gombash, Executive Director, Strategic Grants Planning and Development

Anne Hawkinson, Coordinator, Faculty Credentials

Joe Huston, Instructional Leader, Academic Success Center

Jim Jollie, Program Manager, Fire Science

Gerald Jones, Director, Student Life

Karen Kaufmann, Campus Librarian

Sandy Keeter, Professor, Computer Programming & Analysis

Mae Kline, Associate Vice President, Human Resources

Dan Liguori, Professor, Communications

Charity Lo Giudice, Coordinator, College and Community Events

Debbie Lynch, Director, Counseling and Advising

Ashley Maddox, Educational Advisor

Camesha Manzueta, Professor, Communications

Ross Martin, Outreach Librarian

Donna Matthews, Professor, Mathematics

Kim Maznicki, Associate Dean, Biological Science

Eileen McManus, Student Success Specialist

Amee Mehta, Professor, Biological Science

Hugh Moore, Associate Dean, Business, Management & Entrepreneurship

Helen McLane, Professor, Reading

Ellen Orr, Professor, Office Systems

Maria Pagnotta, Professor, ABE/GED

Irene Paino, Professor, ABE/GED

Richard Peacock, Professor, English

Carol Perezluha, Professor, Mathematics

Jeff Smith, Professor, English

Angelita Streeter, Manager, Student Communications Center

Amy Stuart, Instructional Support Specialist, eLearning

Travis Suits, Faculty, Psychology

Bonnie Tensen, Professor, English

Carolyn Thompson, Assistant Director, Assessment, Testing and Student Advocacy

Jacquelyn Thompson, Manager, Virtual Student Services

Dean Valentine, Associate Director, Academic Computer & User Support Services

Adrienne Vivian, Faculty, English


Contact committee co-chairs Carissa Baker or Lisa Valentino.

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