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C.C., Web Development Certificate

Certificate Type: C.C.
Major Code: ITSSP-CC
CIP: 0511010311
Former CIP: 0507030606

This certificate prepares students for employment with businesses needing website development. The program supports online or classroom training for a flexible training schedule. The courses in this certificate will prepare students for developing websites. Students will be exposed to a wide variety of server-side programming and scripting technologies. This certificate is upward compatible with the A.S. degree, Computer Programming and Analysis.

Major Courses
AvailableCOP1000Principles of Computer Programming
This course covers the basic concepts of computer programming. Students use a structured approach to program/algorithm design and learn logic techniques such as iteration, initialization, conditional processing, accumulation and sequencing. Also considered are programming style and program efficiency. Logic techniques and data formats are illustrated using high level programming languages. This class utilizes classroom lecture and hands-on programming exercises. A working knowledge of the Windows PC including starting programs, saving files and copying files is required. Lab fee required.
AvailableCOP2830Web Programming I
Web Programming I will focus on the skills required for web application development using XHTML, client-side scripting and basic server-side scripts. This course will explore the syntax, semantics and limitations of page layout, Cascading Style Sheets and basic scripting. Implementation of server-side scripting will be covered as it pertains to form processing. Examples of tools, W3 standards and cross-browser compatibility will also be examined. Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to design, program and publish a commercial-grade website. Lab fee required.
Not availableCOP2833Data Driven Websites
Databases drive today's e-commerce websites. This course demonstrates how to leverage the power of a relational database through the use of SQL and server-side scripting. The student will explore server-side scripts in a variety of languages to provide dynamic website content. The course will demonstrate how to connect to data from standard ODBC-compliant databases and create database-driven websites. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to design, develop and publish a dynamic database-driven application suitable for use in business or e-commerce. Lab fee required.
AvailableCOP2836Web Programming II
Programming on the Web server enables a website to interface with databases, access server files and create dynamic content for websites. This course introduces the student to a wide variety of server-side programming and scripting technologies. Examples of these tools and languages include Server Side Includes (SSI), Common Gateway Interface (CGI), PERL, ASP, Java Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP) and JavaScript. The student will use this introduction to select future courses that cover these topics in detail. Lab fee required.
Support Courses
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AvailableCET2760CWeb Server Management
This course prepares students to setup, configure and manage a Web server. The course includes examining Internet and Intranet solutions and how to access/connect to the Internet. It also includes the fundamentals of installing and configuring a Web server, IPX/IP Gateway and NDS. Lab fee required.
AvailableCOP2822Web Applications
Web Applications introduces students to the art of web development by using industry standard tools and scripts to construct commercial-grade web pages. The course will cover the software tools available to create and develop web pages as well as hands-on experience configuring a variety of software used on a website. Lab fee required.
AvailableCOP2831Web Scripting and AJAX
This course will teach the student how to modify a document's structure, styling and content in response to user actions and make AJAX requests to get data from the server without reloading the page. Today's web applications, such as Google Maps and Web 2.0 sites, such as Twitter, are powered by JavaScript and AJAX. Lab fee required.
Total Credits:18

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