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Streamed and Video Resources

Streamed and DVD Video Options for Instruction

Media resources are a major part of instruction. The library provides copyright-compliant video materials for use in the classroom and online. The resources are available to faculty for use by the students currently enrolled in the course of that term. The sources readily available for streamed viewing are listed below.

Streamed Motion Pictures with SWANK

Streamed motion pictures are also available through a licensing agreement with SWANK. For authentication purposes, you must log in through your SAKAI account. Faculty may use SWANK titles in the classroom and in online courses. Most are educational resources. Few are feature films.

Once logged in there are many resources available. Go to Faculty Resource Group and select Streamed Media from the left menu. Review their site for use of the tool and to select titles. An interactive video that provides information on the use of SWANK may be viewed in SAKAI. Select films and embed the URL in your online course, or use to view in the classroom.

Films Media Group (FMG) Films on Demand

Films On Demand is a state-of-the-art streaming video platform that makes it easier than ever to incorporate outstanding educational programs from Films Media Group into your content management systems, online lesson plans, distance learning courseware or electronic card catalog system.

Go the the Databases A-Z portion of the library online catalog, and view the alphabetical list. Select FMG on the list and log in to access it. Once there, you can create your own account to save favorites, create a play list and learn more about the product.

Select a film to view. Use the URL that is provided to link the film into your online course or show in class. It is also possible to select only segments of the film, and use that URL as well.

CCLA Databases via LINCCWeb

Go the the Databases A-Z portion of the library online catalog and view the alphabetical list. Selections include:

  • Gale Academic One File - contains podcasts, videos (NBC reports, etc.)
  • Nursing Resource Center - 300+ animations
  • Gale Health & Wellness - streaming video
  • EBSCO History Reference Center - image collection; Video encyclopedia of the 20th century
  • EBSCO Business Source Complete -  business video collection with 55 videos from the Harvard Business School Faculty Seminar Series

Library Licensed Streamed Media

Faculty may recommend titles that are needed in streamed format for instruction. Library staff research to determine if a streamed license is available and will proceed with the transaction if it is feasible. These titles are provided on a list in SAKAI from the Streamed Media page. The URL is provided to link into online courses or show in the classroom.

Netflix Streamed Media

Netflix streamed movie access is now available at all campus library AV viewing stations, which are equipped with a ROKU player. Faculty will be able to access Netflix holdings as an extension of the library's collection, and the holdings may be used as assignments in the library. Netflix streaming media selections can be viewed on the Netfilx InstantWatcher website.

Genres are listed at the top of the InstantWatcher page to assist in browsing. Once a title is selected, more specific information may be viewed by selecting the "Netflix page" link, located below the title image on the left side of page. On the Netflix page, information about streaming can be found on the right side of the page. Titles available for use at the AV stations will have the streamed digital format noted.

Netflix titles are not available for viewing in the classroom, but are licensed just for viewing in the library.

Alternate Sites for Video Resources

For authentication purposes, you must log in through your SAKAI account. Once logged in, go to Faculty Resource Group and select Streamed Media from the left menu. Specific login information for the following resources will be provided.

For more information about any of our services or arranging for use of streamed media titles, contact Pat DeSalvo at ext. 2136 or Linda Sutton at ext. 2114.

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