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Faculty Librarian Evaluation Form

Please fill in the form below. Faculty are encouraged to be candid in their responses as this information helps us improve our instruction and presentation. The completed form is submitted to Patricia DeSalvo, Dean of Libraries and Learning Technology. Faculty are welcome to contact her directly by email or call her at 407.708.2136 to discuss anything not covered on the form. Thank you very much for your support of library services and instruction!


Librarian Observed:
Course Name:
Instructor Name:
Date of Instruction:
Time of Instruction:
The librarians at Seminole State are always striving to provide your students with the best instruction possible. Your honest, constructive feedback regarding the delivery and the benefit of this session’s content for your students' assignments is appreciated. For each item, please choose from the six options. Add comments in the space below. Thank you for your time and support!
 Very SatisfiedSatisfiedNeutralSomewhat SatisfiedNot SatisfiedNot Applicable
Shows the ability to explain difficult topics
Explains concepts clearly
Clearly states the goal or objective for the session
Runs sessions in a manner consistent with course objectives
Covered Information Literacy concepts (identify, find, evaluate, apply and acknowledge)
Runs sessions that adequately address the assignment
 Very SatisfiedSatisfiedNeutralSomewhat SatisfiedNot SatisfiedNot Applicable
Speaks audibly and clearly
Speaks neither too casually nor too formally
Maintains eye contact with students
Demonstrates preparation for the session
Engages students using multimedia, interactive, print and other resources
 Very SatisfiedSatisfiedNeutralSomewhat SatisfiedNot SatisfiedNot Applicable
Responds confidently and accurately to questions
Provides opportunities for students to raise questions
Shows good rapport with students
Makes encouraging comments on student responses
Active Learning:
 Very SatisfiedSatisfiedNeutralSomewhat SatisfiedNot SatisfiedNot Applicable
Gives students time to try out the tools and resources
Promotes discussion of research concepts
Promotes discussion of tools and resources


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