Strategic Planning


    Several documents influenced the creation of Seminole State's Advance 2016 Strategic Plan. Use the links below to view these documents in their entirety.

    1. The Innovation Economy: Changing Central Florida
    2. Advance 2016 Planning Process and Steering Team
    3. Seminole State 10-year Financial Plan
    4. Educational Programs Strategic Plan 2006-2011
    5. Seminole State Strategic Scorecard (October 2010)
    6. Seminole State Demographic Analysis of Students (by ZIP code) and FTE Projections
    7. Seminole County Public Schools: High School Graduate Projections and Strategic Plan
    8. Seminole County Government Plans and Projections
    9. UCF Institute for Economic Competitiveness: Florida and Metro Orlando Forecast
    10. Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission Population Projections
    11. Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation, Region 12: Targeted Occupations List and Seminole County's Fastest Growing Occupations
    12. Florida Economic and Demographic Bureau: Population Estimates by County
    13. Florida College System: Strategic Goals and Chancellor Holcombe's Presentation (October 2010)
    14. Florida College System: Highlights from Delivering the Dream Outcomes Report
    15. Florida State Board of Education: Next Generation Strategic Plan and Measures
    16. National Center for Education Statistics: Student Projections
    17. Workforce Florida Strategic Plan for Workforce Development (December 2009)
    18. Strategic Planning Surveys (October 2008):
      1. Summary of Strengths, Weaknesses and Opportunities
      2. Executive Summary: Community Responses
      3. Executive Summary: Student Responses
      4. Executive Summary: Faculty/Staff Responses
    19. Focus Group Results from Strategic Planning Discussions (October 2008)
    20. Review of Strategies and Actions from Seminole State's Planning and Budgeting Committee (August 2008)
    21. Seminole Community College 2005-2010 Strategic Plan

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