International Studies Home Page

Seminole State College is committed to global and multicultural education. Through its curricula, international activities and Travel Study programs, Seminole State hopes to increase students' and faculty members' awareness of and active participation in social, cultural, global and environmental matters and to develop responsible, well-informed global citizens.

Study Abroad

Seminole State offers students the chance to travel to several different locations around the globe and earn credit while having fun. In recent years, students have traveled to countries such as Austria, Japan, India, China, Italy, Costa Rica and the British Isles.

Faculty Opportunities

Seminole State believes that sending faculty members abroad to learn about other cultures has a direct, positive impact on students. The College supports travel through its Travel Study programs as well as through independent, international programs. Recent study destinations for faculty include Austria, Mexico and China.

International Activities

International and multicultural perspectives are incorporated in the academic curriculum and in international activities on campus. Through the International Book Club and the Multicultural Fair, students and Seminole State faculty members become more aware of and educated about different cultures.

International Students

Seminole State boasts more than 1,000 international students from 82 countries. Resources such as our International Student Office and English Language Studies (ELS) Department are available to help students adjust to college life in the United States. The ELS Department's English Language Institute is designed to help international students whose native language is not English improve their English skills. The program also prepares them to continue their education at the college level.