Employment Process Manual, Career Service, Technical, Staff/Office Support Committee Planning Guide

  • Screening committees are encouraged but not required for most career service positions.
  • Hiring managers are encouraged to appoint:
    • a three-member screening committee when recruiting for career service positions in grades W04 through W16
    • between three and five members for positions in grades W17 through W28
  • The committee chair may vote.
  • Each committee:
    • should be balanced according to race and gender
    • should include an equity representative
  • All members of the screening committee will screen applications and will participate in all interviews.
  • Screening Committees are encouraged but not required for part-time positions.

Note: List the name of the committee chair and the name of each committee member on Approval of Screening Committee - HR-200 and indicate all applicable areas represented by each member. The committee should be diverse in its makeup and representative of the College population. Obtain approvals before submitting to HR.

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