Heathrow Student Clubs and Organizations

Get Involved on the Heathrow Campus!

Participation in campus life is an important part of your college experience. The Heathrow Campus provides many opportunities for students to get involved. Below you will find the information for the current active clubs on the Heathrow Campus. To visit a club meeting and learn about how to get involved, contact the club advisor who will be able to tell you more about the organization and put you in touch with the current club president. All students are encouraged to participate in at least one club or organization. You may also start a club or organization on campus.

Active OrganizationsContactPhoneAdviserOfficePhone
Digital Media Club Ozzy Perez N/A Victoria Ackerman HEA-315 407.708.4508

International Interior Design Association(IIDA) Campus Center

Laura Gault N/A Kathryn Rivera HEA-330 407.708.4532
Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) Gregory Nearhoof 407.756.2089 Victoria Ackerman HEA-315 407.708.4508
Seminole State College USGBCStudent Chapter Adrienne Craddock N/A Holly Rodwick HEA-329 407.708.4531
Student Government Association Meagan Concado 407.708.2371 Leslie Cook


World Religions Club Anthony Delgado N/A Bassem Chabaan



Also be sure to check out the active clubs at the other Seminole State College Campuses:

The contacts below are advisors for clubs that are currently inactive due to a lack of active officers. If you are interested in becoming an officer and activating one of these clubs, please contact the club advisor and then fill out the club update form. If you notice there is a club below that is indeed active, please encourage the president of that club to fill out the club update form in order to be included in the active club list.

Inactive ClubsContactOfficePhone
American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Jeanette Steeves HEA-321 407.708.4504
The Associated General Contractors (AGC) Tony Ruggiero HEA-313 407.708.4501


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