Instructor Subweb Guidelines

Faculty may request space on the Seminole State academic server and can post Web pages that contain College related content.  These class Website areas (called subwebs) are administered via Microsoft Expression software that can be obtained from the Seminole State Helpdesk.

Instructors who wish to establish a site should fill out a CTS User Access Request form in the TIM system requesting the setup of an Instructor Subweb account.  The instructor's program manager, department chair or dean must fill out the request.

You will be notified and receive further instructions when your subweb has been created.

Subweb Guidelines

In order to effectively maintain the instructor Web server and to avoid creating disk quotas for instructor subwebs, the Seminole State WebSupport team asks that you observe the following guidelines:

Subwebs should:
  • Be maintained on a regular basis in order to keep content up-to-date.
  • Be an extension of your classroom and reflect the same professionalism that you show in class.
  • Adopt the "one-file, one-place" philosophy.  Create a common directory for all shared files and link to it from all course materials.  It will save disk space as well as your time by not having to maintain multiple copies of the same document.
  • Be built to the Seminole State Web Guidelines technical standards.
Subwebs should not:
  • Be treated as a personal home page.  This space is provided for the expressed use of making course materials available online for Seminole State students
  • Be used to teach courses at other institutions or colleges other than Seminole State
  • Be used as personal storage space for archived instructor files.
  • Contain files unrelated to course content (ie: personal photo albums, wedding photos, baby pictures, etc). Instructor head shots and course/curriculum related graphics are encouraged.
  • Be used to download copyrighted or illegal software.  All software should be linked directly to the manufacturers Website.
  • Contain advertising for any product or service unless specifically approved by Seminole State College.  This includes links to book and software suppliers that would be in direct competition with the official Seminole State bookstore.
  • Link to sites unrelated to course content.
  • Include copyrighted information without attribution.  No direct violation of existing copyright laws will be tolerated.  Contrary to common belief, copyright law does apply to cyberspace;  it is simply not clear how far the existing laws will extend.  Until there is more definition to the laws, it is definitely better to err on the side of caution.  Remember that you, as the person responsible for your website, may be ultimately held responsible for any copyright infringements.

Remember the information you put on the Web is available to anyone, anywhere in the world, with a computer and a connection to the Internet.  Nothing confidential, privileged, or potentially damaging should be posted on your Website or even placed on the server.

Faculty websites are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure the educational and technical standards of Seminole State College are being upheld.

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