Endowed Chair Survey

The Endowed Chair Screening Committee urges you to complete surveys for any faculty nominee, but especially to provide information regarding nominees within your own departments. You will be asked to rate the nominee in 10 areas. There is a comment box at the conclusion of the survey.  Please note any specific qualities or accomplishments of the nominee. These additional comments will aid the committee in recognizing the many ways our faculty members have distinguished themselves.

You are encouraged to complete a survey on more than one nominee.

 AlwaysMost of the Time Often Sometimes Don't Know
The nominee demonstrates a depth of knowledge in his or her field.
The nominee stays current with news, research, and events in his or her profession.
The nominee actively engages in professional activities (e.g., conferences, presentations, publications, advisory committees, professional organizations).
The nominee applies effective instructional strategies in preparing class materials and organizing learning activities.
The nominee actively engages students.
The nominee incorporates a variety of methods to evaluate student learning and development.
The nominee demonstrates sensitivity to student needs.
The nominee accepts responsibility for mentoring colleagues.
The nominee works positively and collegially within the department and division.
The nominee maintains an active relationship with community partners (e.g., industry, 4-yr institutions, local school districts)
Please comment more specifically on the nominee's strengths, experience, contributions, special talents, awards, etc.


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