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C.C., Fire Company Administration - Fire Inspector I

Certificate Type: C.C.
Major Code: FIRE-CC
CIP: 0743020202

This program is designed to assist students in acquiring professional certifications and opportunities for career advancement. The program focuses on broad, transferable skills, and stresses understanding and demonstration of the following elements required of the public service industry: planning; management; technical and production skills; underlying principles of technology; labor issues; community issues; and health, safety and environmental issues. This certificate is upward compatible with the A.S. degree, Fire Science Technology.

Major Courses
Not availableFFP1505Fire Prevention Practices
This course examines the structure and function of fire prevention organizations, conducting inspections, procedures and techniques of fire prevention, recognition and elimination of fire hazards, fire risk analysis as applied to municipal and industrial occupancies, public relations programs, including coordination with other agencies, public education and inspections practices. This course is required for the Florida Fire Officer I and Fire Safety Inspector certifications.
Not availableFFP1510Fire Protection Code and Standards
This course covers a thorough study of codes applicable to fire protection and prevention, their application in various types of building construction and design with emphasis on fire protection features. This course is required for the Fire Safety Inspector certification.
Not availableFFP1540Private Fire Protection Systems I
This course provides a study of fire protection alarm and extinguishing systems including design characteristics, operational theory and functional limitations and capabilities. There will be a comparative analysis of the various systems, including the standards governing systems. This course is required for the Fire Safety Inspector certification.
Not availableFFP2120Building Construction for the Fire Service
This course presents the fundamental concepts of building construction as they relate to how buildings burn. Students will learn how the ravages of fire affect wood, steel, concrete and composite construction. Emphasis is on avoiding human injury in each type of construction. This course is required for the Fire Safety Inspector certification.
Not availableFFP2521Construction Documents and Plans Review
This course covers the interpretation and application of Fire Protection Code requirements to construction plans, blueprints and the basic surveying mapping techniques of fire protection engineering. This course is required for the Fire Safety Inspector certification.
Total Credits:15

Textbook information will be available online for each term's courses 45 days prior to the first day of classes for the term.

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