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Sakai is an open-source course management system. Detailed information about the system can be found on the Sakai project website.  

Sakai Login Information

  • You will not be able to log in to your classes in Sakai until the first day of the term in which you are enrolled. If you are trying to log in early, please wait until the first day of classes and try again.
  • You must have a valid user ID and password to access Sakai. 
  • If you register during the add/drop period, there may be a slight delay (up to two business days) in the activation of your user ID and password. If you are unable to log in to Sakai after the add/drop period, complete the Online Course Problem Form, and the eLearning staff will check on your account.
User ID

Your Sakai user ID is the same as the login name you created for your MySeminoleState account. If you registered for classes in person and have not yet created a MySeminoleState account, you must do so on the MySeminoleState home page. You must have a MySeminoleState login name to access Sakai.


Your Sakai password is your first and last initial in capital letters, followed by the six digits of your birth date in YYMMDD format, where YY represents the last two digits of your birth year; MM represents your two-digit birth month (January-September birth months must be preceded by a "0"); and DD represents your two-digit day of birth (1-9 birth dates must be preceded by a "0"). For example, if your name is John Doe and you were born on March 1, 1977, your password would be: JD770301.

Sakai passwords are case sensitive. Ensure that your initials are typed in capital letters and that there are no spaces between characters.

Using Sakai

To learn more about Sakai's features and to get started using the system, visit the Sakai login page, and click the "Student Tutorial" link in the left-hand navigation menu. You can also access the tutorial through MyWorkspace, which displays after you log in to the system.

If you need additional help, submit an Online Course Problem Form, or call the Seminole State eLearning Department at 407.708.2424. If you leave a voice mail, please be as specific as possible about your inquiry.

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