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I would like to request a site for my class

At Seminole State College, we automatically create class sites for our learning management system several weeks before the start of a new academic term. This offers professors time to prepare class content and activities before the new term begins.

Target dates:

  • Fall Term: July 15 (or next business day)
  • Spring Term: Nov. 15 (or next business day)
  • Summer Term: March 15 (or next business day)

We target class site creation based on the schedule above, but dates can vary. If the target date falls on a weekend, for instance, the process will be scheduled on the next business day. After the course creation date, click on "Membership" in Sakai to view your sites.

I would like to merge or combine course sections

Complete the Sakai Special Sites Request Form if you would to merge or combine course sections. This can be very helpful if you teach multiple sections of the same class but only want to manage materials for one class site.

I would like to request a Sakai Workbench for a class that is not currently running with enrolled students

For example: A class I am developing for a future term, or a site that is not tied to a particular class for enrollment purposes, such as a departmental group, repository or other type of site.

Email the eLearning Department at with the following information:

  • Your name and college email address
  • Your Sakai username
  • The title of the Workbench site you would like created (examples: "Biology Department Group" or "ENC1101 - English I")
  • The anticipated delivery mode of the course (examples: "Online" or "Hybrid" or "Campus")
  • A brief description of the reason you are requesting this site
  • Usernames and the desired level of site access for any additional users added to the site (examples: "student" or "instructor" or "teaching assistant")


  • If you are requesting a site in Sakai, be sure to complete the Sakai workshop. Faculty members using Sakai must complete the workshop in order to gain editing rights in the system.
  • The Sakai Workshop must be completed at least two weeks prior to the start of the term. You can view a list of scheduled sessions and register for one using the Distance Learning/eLearning workshop calendar. You can also use the calendar to register for an online version of the workshop.

If you have any questions, please email the eLearning Department.

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