Quality Matters

Seminole State is a subscriber of the Quality Matters (QM) organization and is in the process of using the QM rubric to review all of its distance learning (DL) courses. Implementing this comprehensive review process assures that we have met all of the documentation and quality standards for DL courses in order to maintain our college accreditation. The completion of a successful QM course review will soon become a requirement for all online courses at Seminole State.

The eLearning Department will coordinate the faculty peer review teams and will schedule DL courses for review. Additionally, QM recommends that a course be reviewed every three years to stay current with changes in online trends and technology, as well as textbook or other content changes that may occur during that time. 

Each peer review team is comprised of three faculty reviewers. Reviewers must complete the Applying the QM Rubric workshop before they may conduct reviews. One reviewer on each team will be a faculty member in the same discipline to serve as a subject matter expert (SME). Also, one person per review team is designated as the team chair. The team chair will be in charge of keeping all reviewers on track and moving according to the established schedule. The team chair also will compile a summary report at the end of the review. Reviewers are compensated at a rate of $100 per reviewer and $150 for the team chair for each review upon completion.

Completion of the Applying the QM Rubric workshop is required for all faculty teaching online classes. If you would like to sign up to take the QM @ Seminole State Workshop, please see our Workshop Schedule.

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