Faculty Resources

Faculty interested in distance learning (DL) modes of instructional delivery and/or online course enhancements for their campus courses are encouraged to contact the eLearning Department for information and support. Seminole State has video courses, online courses and mixed DL/campus delivery mode courses in the DL program. Faculty who now instruct in these modes are available to mentor others in instructional delivery as part of our DL faculty mentoring program.

Sakai is the official learning management system used at Seminole State for online course delivery and Web enhancement. Group and individual instruction in the use of Sakai is provided by DL staff. Please contact our office to obtain more information about additional professional development activities and other workshops offered.

Staff in the eLearning Department are available to assist faculty with:

  • Individual or group training in instructional technology tools and applications
  • Course website design and development
  • Preparing and/or transitioning instructional material for online delivery
  • Researching available courses for DL delivery
  • Obtaining preview materials of DL courses or course material from publisher, producer or other institutions
  • Instructional technology enhancements for on-campus as well as distance courses including bulletin/discussion boards, online chat, class e-mail, multimedia, online streaming media, etc.
  • Student Help Desk for Sakai
  • Faculty training, design assistance, technical support and troubleshooting for Sakai courses or course enhancements
  • DL welcome information and instructor welcome letters
  • Student surveys and evaluations for DL courses

Faculty Sakai Links and Request Forms

  • Sakai Request Forms
    • Need to request a new Sakai development or production site? Fill out our online request forms.
  • DL Exit Survey Review and Implementation Form
    • Please complete this form after reviewing the DL Course Exit Survey results for your course(s) each term.
  • Link to Respondus Test Bank Network
    • The Respondus Test Bank Network provides instructors a central location for obtaining publisher test banks that are in Respondus format, which can be easily uploaded into an Sakai Course.
    • Please Note: If you would like to obtain a copy of Respondus, please contact the DL Department for instructions on where to download the software. Seminole State has a site license for Respondus, but our installation password will not work with copies of the software that are downloaded from the company site as a free trial. You must download the campuswide licensed software from our password-protected location.

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Please be sure to include the following information on all of your syllabi and websites:

To verify that the College is open and classes are being held, please call: 407.708.2290 or 407.708.4722. The Seminole State Home Page also features updated announcements on emergency conditions.

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