Internet Information

Internet information is increasing exponentially. Governments (federal, state, and local) are putting statistics, research, and working papers on the web that used to be available only to professionals--or after long periods of time. Businesses, too, are posting many types of information on the web. Universities and trade associations are posting much data to the web. Many libraries are publishing extensive material on the web.

Today, while many statistics are published on the web as soon as they are released to the media, the biggest problem is finding and interpreting them. If you know the web address, it is usually easy to access information. If you do not know the web address, you need to use a search engine.

Positively the best source of links to Economics information I have found is the website of Dr. Barnett at Carnegie Mellon University.

This site has excellent links to research information, as well as information for students, professional Economists, and anyone interested in the subject. The site is very easy to use.

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