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Seminole State College, with support from the Early Learning Coalition of Seminole and the Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation's Office of Early Learning, has developed several helpful resources for parents and child care providers.

The Parents' Place Newsletters

The Parents' Place is a parent newsletter that is distributed quarterly to child care centers in Seminole County. Issues contain information on a range of topics, including: early literacy, children's book recommendations, parent-child activities that foster literacy and math skill development, developmental milestones, and age-appropriate activities as they relate to performance standards. They also include an "Ask the Editor" column that addresses parent questions and concerns.

The Parents' Place newsletters can be obtained via e-mail or regular mail or picked up from Seminole State's Early Childhood Education Office. Child care providers should acknowledge receipt of each issue and report the number of copies distributed at their centers. They also should report parent feedback related to an issue's content or effectiveness.

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Parent Brochures

Seminole State's Early Childhood Education Department, with input from providers, has developed a series of informational brochures that address parents' needs and interests. Topics include:

The Providers' Place Newsletters

The Providers' Place newsletter is distributed quarterly to the owners and directors of local child care facilities. Each issue contains valuable tips and information for facilitators, on topics ranging from game and activity ideas to continuing education opportunities.

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