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What is Read to Succeed?

Author: Kimberly Allen  Created: 08/26/2013  Last Updated: 8 months ago  Category: Read to Succeed  Views: 218  Rating: Unrated

Read to Succeed is the College's reading initiative. It is part of the SACS requirement for a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), a five-year project that attempts to improve an area of student learning. Read to Succeed focuses on two areas: improving reading comprehension within the classroom and creating a culture of reading outside the classroom. 

Read to Succeed's classroom goal will include teachers from across the discplines embedding reading strategies (using a framework called Reading Apprenticeship) into the classroom. The cultural goal will include promoting reading across all campuses with book clubs, special events focused on reading, Book Nooks (take a book/leave a book facilities on each campus), student Campus Reading Liaisons, the Read to Succeed Center, and the integration of technology components.

For more information on any part of this initiative, please contact the director of the Read to Succeed QEP, Carissa Baker.      

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